The President and Donald Trump Jr. both mocked CNN ‘reporter’ Jim Acosta’s crazy tweets from a walled border section Thursday, where he proved nothing other than the barrier works.

Acosta set out to debunk Trump’s claims that there is a border crisis by talking selfies at a quiet section of the border in McAllen, Texas, where the President was due to visit.

However, Acosta simply proved the point barriers do work, when he filmed himself in front of a steel fence, claiming that all was quiet.

“There are no migrants trying to rush towards this fence,” Acosta sarcastically noted.

After the post went viral, the President chimed in:

Donald Trump Jr. also took a swipe:

Acosta couldn’t resist answering back:

But the last word went to Trump Jr.:

Acosta’s antics further betray that he is acting not as an investigative reporter, but a deranged anti-Trump activist.

Acosta knows full well that the recent troubles on the border have occurred in places like California, where members of the migrant caravan tried to rush a much less secure fence, forcing the border patrol to deploy tear gas to repel them.

Even Acosta’s colleagues know he is acting batshit crazy when it comes to Trump. Former CNN reporter Peter Hamby called out Acosta’s hackery:

The biggest smackdown of Acosta came courtesy of Tucker Carlson, who called Acosta a “moral philosopher/Renaissance poet” and described his journalism in this instance as “a fact-seeking missile of truth” that has surely “killed the wall.”

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