President Trump fired off a tweet barrage Wednesday morning touting ‘tremendous progress’ on foreign policy, pressing the point that things were a mess when he took office.

Trump furthered expectations that he is seeking to end the ‘never ending’ war in Afghanistan and withdraw American troops, saying that the “Caliphate will soon be destroyed, unthinkable two years ago.”

The President then turned to North Korea, noting that the relationship with the rouge state is the “best it has ever been with U.S.” and that he sees a “Decent chance of Denuclearization.”

The President further stressed that the progress made with North Korea could not have been foreseen considering the previous administration’s position.

“At the end of the previous administration, relationship was horrendous and very bad things were about to happen.” Trump urged.

The President was less optimistic concerning the situation in Venezula, however, issuing a warning to Americans not to travel there for the forseeable future.

The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that Trump surreptitiously sought to have the Colombian government and mafia assassinate him.

Maduro also claimed that White House National Security Adviser John Bolton has prevented Trump from communicating with the Venezuelan government, despite efforts to start a dialogue.

“For all these years, I have been trying on a personal level. But Bolton prevented Donald Trump from initiating a dialogue with Nicolas Maduro. I have the information that he has prohibited this,” Maduro said.

Turning to the southern border, Trump addressed Democrats, stating that if they do not wish to discuss a border wall with Republicans at a meeting scheduled for today then it will be pointless.

The President followed up with another tweet warning of new caravans of migrants marching toward the US.

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