Despite the media consensus that President Trump testing positive for coronavirus is a huge negative for his presidential campaign, data shows it could actually help him.

Leftists reacted to the news that Trump and the First Lady had contracted COVID-19 with a mixture of gloating and glee, suggesting it was payback for the president not taking the virus seriously enough while also partly derailing his re-election campaign.

However, if what happened after two other populist world leaders were infected with COVID repeats for a third time, it could actually boost Trump’s poll numbers.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, a fierce opponent of lockdown policies, experienced a 5 percent jump in approval after he tested positive for coronavirus, while the number of people who viewed his government as “bad” or “terrible” also dropped by 10 per cent.

After authorities announced that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been infected with coronavirus in late March, his approval rating swiftly jumped from under 50 per cent to 66 per cent.

“Very few world leaders have tested positive for coronavirus, but the ones who have – Brazilian Pres. Jair Bolsonaro and British PM Boris Johnson, both right-wing populists like Trump – saw their approval ratings rise dramatically after testing positive,” remarked Andrew Solender.

“With 32 days to go until election day in the United States, it’s worth remembering what contracting the coronavirus did to Boris Johnson’s approval numbers,” commented Raheem Kassam.

As we highlighted earlier, many leftists also fear Trump’s diagnosis could actually help him politically, to the point that they actually think he staged the whole thing.


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