By his mere presence at Davos, President Trump is forcing EU leaders to make a dangerous attack on nation-states, a tremendous development given the mainstream media once claimed globalism was a “conspiracy theory.”

Once again Trump is forcing the power structure to react to him and his trademark nationalism, which reveals the inherent weakness of globalism: it only takes one man to act as a lion to defeat the sheep of a system designed by the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.

For decades, the globalists have gained control by selling the false idea that national identity still exists as they forged Europe into a superstate in which every nation is reduced to a vassal of an unelected bureaucracy.

But now, thanks to Trump, Brexit and the ongoing migrant crisis, average Europeans are starting to question why they’re losing their cultures and identities to the EU – and they look at Trump as a Howard Roark-style American cowboy whose undeterred rebellion against a legion of doom inspires their own individual thoughts and opinions.

This leaves the globalists in the untenable position to directly attack nationalism, but it’ll only backfire on them; the sparks of ideas have already ignited the minds of Europeans who’ve spent years living under decay, which they now realize is the direct result of globalism pushed by the very leaders who are smearing Trump.

In short, Europeans view Trump’s rebellion as much needed change.

Read this excerpt from the International Business Times:

On the eve of President Donald Trump’s visit to Davos, Switzerland, European leaders on Wednesday came together to warn the world about the perils of nationalism. European Leaders warned the World Economic Forum on the dangerous implications of slipping back to nationalism, while defending free trade, which president Trump has opposed, and encouraged global co-operation between nations.

This statement reeks of hypocrisy: you can’t have independent nations without a hint of nationalism, but the hypocrisy makes sense once you start thinking like a globalist.

For example, European globalists define “nations” as vassals of the EU. Just look up the definition of a vassal, then compare it with the headlines reporting how the EU is requiring migrant quotas on member countries.

And in another example of hypocrisy, the New York Times is now defending globalism barely a year after claiming it was a “conspiracy theory.”

From a Times article entitled Globalism: A Far-Right Conspiracy Theory Buoyed by Trump dated Nov. 14, 2016:

Those conspiratorial beliefs were bolstered when former President George Bush celebrated the end of the Cold War in a 1991 speech by saying it was the dawn of a “new world order.” His use of the phrase was taken as proof by many that a globalist conspiracy really was afoot.

“It was very easy for them, especially because he was the one who said it, to take that ball and run with it,” Mr. Pitcavage said. “From that point on, the phrase became the shorthand for that kind of globalism conspiracy theory.”

What a difference Trump’s first year in office made. Now the New York Times now admits globalism does exist because, like EU leaders, the mainstream media is forced to defend it.

Here’s a Nov. 22, 2018 article from the Times entitled Fox in the Globalist Henhouse? Davos Awaits Trump’s Arrival:

Mr. Trump, who is to arrive later this week, is drawing a mix of breathless anticipation, anxiousness and downright agitation among a crowd that has long considered him an outsider.

Davos has always been a playground for elites who believe in globalism, climate change and free trade. The cast of multinational leaders this year ranges from chief executives like Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase to philanthropists like Bill Gates and policymakers like Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor. Over the years, it has attracted artists like Bono and Matt Damon.

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