President Donald Trump responded to constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes on Twitter Monday, following his appearance on the Alex Jones Show Sunday.

Discussing the plunging economy as a result of the shutdown of businesses across America during his interview with radio host Alex Jones, Barnes said.

“There’s only one person who is resisting this at any level that can salvage and save us from this, and that’s President Trump,” Barnes told Jones.

“If Trump reverses course within the next 30 days and puts an end to this, then he can save the country and save the economy and save the world,” Barnes said, paralleling the ongoing economic downturn to the great depression.

Going further in a tweet, Barnes vowed to raise a statue to the president in his front yard should he pull the US out of its current economic tailspin.

“If Trump saves us from the Depression everyone else was leading us into by reversing the country’s course on this, I am going to build a statute to him in my front yard (paid for by my successful bets he has won for me),” Barnes said, acknowledging winnings he earned when he bet Trump would win the 2016 general election.

“Robert, we will end up stronger than ever before. Thank you!” the president responded.

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Robert Barnes joins Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Sunday show.

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