Trump supporters crashed New York Mayor Mike de Blasio’s Green New Deal rally on Monday, holding up signs mocking the Democrat.

De Blasio’s rally was held at Trump Tower, where Trump supporters used the famous escalator behind him to revolve around the rally holding various signs like “Worst Mayor Ever” and “Trump 2020.”

Other signs read “LGBT For Trump,” “Failed Mayor,” and “What A Chicken Sh*t Mayor,” while de Blasio stood in front, trying his best to ignore them.

The hilarious spectacle drew the media’s attention away from the rally just as the speaker was getting serious about climate change.

“Clearly the Trump Organization is a little sensitive to the fact that we’re calling them out for what they are doing to the climate but we are not backing down,” de Blasio told the hecklers. “We will take your money. We will hold you accountable.”

This comes as de Blasio mulls a 2020 presidential bid for the Democrat Party despite op-eds by the New York Times begging him not to run over his deep unpopularity in his own city, as well as polls showing de Blasio as one of the most disliked Democrats being considered.

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