President Trump noted Thursday that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is becoming physically unable to carry out her job, and is “disintegrating before the eyes” of everyone who meets with her.

“Well they’re being very nice to her because they really—she’s a mess. Let’s face it. She doesn’t understand. They sort of feel she’s disintegrating before their eyes,” Trump said during a White House ceremony announcing a $16 billion aid package for farmers.

Trump clarified that he believes Pelosi does not understand the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

“She does not understand it. They want to have her understand before it’s finished. It’s signed, as you know. Mexico has approved the deal. Canada has approved the deal, and they are waiting to get a signal for her. Now I would say this. The farmers should start talking to the Democrats in the House. The Senate’s ready to approve it.”

“We made a great deal, but whether or not Pelosi understands it or whether—I don’t think she’s capable right now of understanding it. I think she’s got a lot of problems,” Trump added.

“The whole Democrat Party is very messed up. They have never recovered from the great election of 2016, an election that I think you folks liked very much, right? Well Nancy Pelosi was not happy about it and she is a mess.” the President added.

Pelosi has been struggling with public speaking and appearances for months.

During a press conference Thursday, Pelosi again stuttered, slurred her words and forgot questions she was asked almost as soon as they were posed.

Trump and Pelosi have been at each other’s throats for days, since the Speaker accused the President of engaging in a cover-up regarding the Mueller report, and claimed that Trump had a ‘temper tantrum’ and stormed out of a meeting on infrastructure.

The President slammed Pelosi and Democrats in a press conference Wednesday, saying that they are only concerned with obstructing his presidency.

Meanwhile, the controlled media is parroting Pelosi talking points on Trump, including the ‘cover-up’ accusations and the notion that Pelosi ‘gets under the skin’ of the President.

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