President Trump responded Sunday to the news of thousands of migrants marching through Central America with the intent of crossing the border into the US, putting the blame squarely on Democrats.

Trump tweeted that he plans to stop the latest migrant caravan, stating that those who have not applied for asylum in Mexico will be turned back.

Trump followed up with another tweet declaring that the current immigration laws need changing and that the scenes unfolding are down to Democrats:

According to reports from the Associated Press, the mile-long caravan of migrants is conservatively in the region of 5,000, but could be anywhere between 7-10 thousand.

They are marching toward the Mexican town of Tapachula.

Describing the caravan, Trump told reporters Sunday that “in many cases, these are hardened criminals.”

Some have speculated that authorities are standing down:

And even that the migrants are being paid to join up:

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