President Trump scorched the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy over their support for Black Lives Matter riots but not Americans who wanted to attend church during the coronavirus pandemic.

During his reelection kickoff in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday, Trump noted that Democrats have a double standard when it comes to their followers and regular Americans.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute Americans for going to church, but not for burning a church,” Trump told his audience Saturday.

“They believe you can riot, vandalize, and destroy, but you cannot attend a peaceful, pro-America rally.”

“They want to punish your thought, but not their violent crimes,” Trump added.

Trump continued ripping into Biden and his inability to stand up to the mob.

“Joe Biden has surrendered to his party and to the Left-Wing mob. He has not control. Does anybody honestly think he controls these radical maniacs?” Trump asked.

“Do you know what he says to his wife when he’s not confusing her with his sister? Get me the Hell out of here, these people are crazy.”

Watch the full Tulsa rally below:

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