A new national poll has presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by three points, a significant turn around from two months ago when polls had Trump trailing by double figures.

The Fox News poll has Trump leading Clinton 45-42, and shows that Trump’s unfavorable rating is now at 56%, which equates to an improvement of 9 points from March figures.

The poll shows that a record high of 61 percent have a negative view of Hillary, a three point increase in two months.

The poll also shows that just thirty-seven percent have a favorable opinion of Clinton, a drop of two points from March figures, and a new low for the likely Democratic nominee.

Now 41 percent have a positive view of Trump, a rise of ten points in two months.

Other polls shows that in key states, Trump is now neck and neck with Clinton.

In New Hampshire, the two are virtually tied, according to a WBUR poll. Clinton leads Trump 44 percent to 42 percent among likely Granite State voters, with about 7 percent still undecided.

Both candidates do not fair well in terms of popularity in the state, with 35 percent of New Hampshire voters having a positive view of Clinton, and 33 percent viewing Trump positively.

“Very few people like either of them by comparison to other presidential candidates,” said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the WBUR survey.

The likelihood of a third party candidate emerging has also diminished, however, with the news that Mitt Romney will end his efforts to recruit a “conservative” alternative to take on Trump.

CNN reported:

Mitt Romney won’t launch a third-party presidential campaign of his own and has stopped trying to recruit somebody else to do it.

The 2012 Republican nominee had attempted to recruit a challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But prospects like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said no, and Romney is now dropping his efforts, a source familiar with Romney’s thinking told CNN. The news was first reported by Yahoo News.

It’s the latest blow to the “Never Trump” movement — a group of conservatives led by Romney, blogger Erick Erickson and The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol — to find an alternative to Trump.

Indeed, Kristol’s efforts seem to be fallen on deaf ears, as his so called ‘Renegade’ party failed to reach a goal of gaining 3000 Twitter followers in the first day.

All these indicators suggest that Trump is winning.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com

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