President Trump said Hurricane Michael “grew into a monster” after it gained strength before making landfall in Florida on Wednesday.

“This started out very innocently a week ago, this was a small storm in an area they never thought … they said, it grew into a monster,” he told reporters. “…It’s almost the entire size of the gulf.”

The Category 4 storm, which is the most powerful hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle since 1851, smashed the coast with 150mph winds.

“In fact, Florida’s entire Gulf Coast north of Punta Gorda has never recorded a Category 4-plus hurricane landfall,” reported “No longtime residents of this area will have seen a hurricane this strong before. “

Moreover, the hurricane is reportedly the third-strongest recorded storm to make landfall in the US.

The president was also worried that the storm would excessively impact impoverished residents who don’t have the means to evacuate.

The eye of the storm hit the coast only a few miles east of Panama City, Fla., which has a population of around 36,000.

Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, was also hit hard.

The storm is projected to cut through Georgia and North Carolina later in the week.

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