Hillary Clinton’s greatest legacy will be “getting out of the e-mail scandal” if she survives politically, according to presidential candidate Donald Trump.

During an interview on the Alex Jones Show Wednesday, Trump said Clinton shouldn’t even be running for president because of the scandal which would have already destroyed other public figures.

“She’s so corrupt, she’s so corrupt and she shouldn’t be allowed to run and frankly her greatest legacy – she was a horrible Secretary of State – …will be getting out of the email scandal,” he said. “That’s what I think – it’ll be one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever seen of getting out of a scandal because General Petraeus and many others have been destroyed for doing five percent of what she did.”

“She shouldn’t be allowed to run, but you know the recent Fox poll that just came down two days ago has me beating her head-to-head, which is very interesting, very good and beating her handily and soundly, but we have to get it right.”

“Our country can be absolutely turned around,” Trump continued. “I would agree with you [Alex Jones], if we don’t get it right this time [the presidential election], I’m not sure if [we can] go another four or eight years with the insanity and the stupidity of these leaders.”

“I’m not sure you’ll be able to turn it around anymore; I think it could be a closer.”

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