The Trump campaign has published a list of questions for Joe Biden that will serve as talking points for Trump during tonight’s debate – one of which includes a question about Biden’s use of the n-word.

The list of 17 questions includes the following;

“You said the N-word 13 times during a 1985 Senate nomination fight, when you were quoting something attributed to someone else. Do you think that was appropriate to do? Is that the only time you’ve said the N-word?”

While it seems unlikely that Trump will raise the issue, he may reference it if Biden deploys the usual trope of demonizing Trump as a racist.

Biden’s relationship with the African-American community has been soured by several verbal slip-ups, including one where he asserted black voters “ain’t black” if they vote for Trump.

As we highlighted earlier, the Biden campaign requested a break after every 30 minutes of the debate but Team Trump rejected the proposal.

This is not the first time the questions surrounding the n-word have impacted the presidential race.

Leftists have long cited claims that Trump used the slur during the first season of The Apprentice, when he allegedly asked, “But will America buy a n***er winning?”

However, no tape of the alleged remark has ever emerged.

Tracey Martin, a former travel chef with the Clinton administration, also claimed that Hillary Clinton angrily called a black staffer the n-word during a charity event in the 90’s.


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