Hospitals are being instructed to bypass the CDC and send COVID-19 data directly to the Department of Health and Human Services, according to new directives from the Trump administration last week.

In new guidance affecting hospitals and clinical labs, data concerning hospital beds and ventilator counts is now required to go to the HHS instead of the National Healthcare Safety Network, which is run by the CDC.

“As of July 15, 2020, hospitals should no longer report the Covid-19 information in this document to the National Healthcare Safety Network site,” reads an FAQ released by HHS.

The data is necessary to help streamline “decisions at the federal level,” reads the FAQ.

“It is critical to the COVID-19 response that all of the information listed below is provided on a daily basis to the Federal Government to facilitate planning, monitoring, and resource allocation during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE),” the FAQ states. “This data will be used to inform decisions at the federal level, such as allocation of supplies, treatments, and other resources.”

Speaking to CNBC, an HHS spokesperson said the CDC’s systems were too outdated to keep up with the expansive COVID data networks.

“The CDC’s old data gathering operation once worked well monitoring hospital information across the country, but it’s an inadequate system today,” said HHS spokesman Michael Caputo. “The President’s Coronavirus Task Force has urged improvements for months, but they just cannot keep up with this pandemic.”

The CDC, along with its globalist counterpart the World Health Organization, has been at the center of hyping the coronavirus pandemic by rolling out social distancing guidelines which have decimated the US economy and destroyed hundreds of businesses, and face mask recommendations which have pitted shop-owners against customers.

Meanwhile, Trump has come under fire by four different CDC directors who penned an op-ed that appeared in the Washington Post Tuesday accusing the president of “politicizing science.”

In other news, CDC director Robert R. Redfield claims coronavirus will subside if there is universal compliance with mask orders for a period of four to eight weeks.

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