A pickup truck has hit a Black Lives Matter protester in Los Angeles, who was blocking the road. Videos of the incident show activists mobbing the vehicle and attempting to open the driver’s door before the vehicle races away.

The incident took place as hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists swarmed the streets in Hollywood, Los Angeles as the protests against police brutality were galvanized by the lack of murder charges in the case of Breonna Taylor.

A video emerged online showing the truck flooring a protester, who stands right in front of the vehicle while brandishing a placard.


U-Haul renter who was distributed shields, arms and other riot tools as soon as the Breanna indictment as announced is exposed, the organization she works for, and the big money behind it. Will CIA-Barr’s Dept of “Justice” ever DO anything?

Other footage shows an angry crowd banging on the door on the driver’s side, trying to pry it open. At that point the truck accelerates and breaks through, sparking a frantic chase.

A video shows the protester being tended to by medics at the scene in the wake of the incident, and then taken to hospital on a stretcher.

In a separate incident, protesters chased down and smashed the windows of a car after the driver tried to get through a crowd.

Pursuers forced the car to stop and then descended on it, and attempted to open the door. More activists then arrive at the scene, using what appears to be skateboards and bicycles to damage the vehicle. Eventually, the driver speeds away.

On Twitter, Los Angeles police said that all the drivers and victims were identified, while the investigation is ongoing.

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