While million of service-industry Americans lose their jobs due to Coronavirus, the county hasn’t fallen into a Mad Max apocalypse yet because millions of truck drivers are still delivering food and supplies in short supply around the country.

Store shelves empty of bleach and toilet paper are alarming, but they’re stripped bare because people are buying far more than normal, not because they aren’t getting restocked.

In fact, thanks to truck drivers pressing on to deliver high-demand items, stores are getting restocked, it’s just that they’re getting stripped bare of sanitary items in a day, and it takes a few days to restock.

Stores such as Costco that have limited one or two items per customer are no longer running out of as many items.

And as traffic has declined as more people work remotely, 18 wheelers are often the lone vehicles for long stretches of the highway.

Logistics companies have remained in full operation during the Coronavirus chaos, which means that there’s still freight to ship across the country.

This has led to the #ThankATrucker hashtag trending on Twitter.

Generally speaking, any near-apocalyptic scenario can be defined as a breakdown of the supply chain, whether it be a post-nuclear war work of fiction or a historic battle in which calvary horses were stripped to the bone for meat by starving soldiers.

While interviewing border crossers, reporters noticed almost everyone was coming across with toilet paper.

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