Transport for London ads have appeared lecturing men on how to “sit properly” while using public transport.

The ad, which is backed by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, states in capital letters, “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU SIT – SIT PROPERLY” next to an image of a man with his legs slung over the two people sat next to him at an impossible angle.

Three things immediately spring to mind.

1) Men don’t sit like this.

2) When men do slightly spread their legs while sitting, it’s because they have a penis and testicles.

3) If we’re going to talk about people taking up too much space on public transport, we need to talk about bagspreading, not “manspreading”.

The tone of the ad is also pedantic, hectoring and sounds like it was crafted by an angry feminist with pink armpit hair.

Meanwhile, ads promoting junk food or showing bikini girls have been banned on London transport, but ads for the Kingdom of Brunei, which just passed a law legalizing the stoning to death of gay people, are apparently fine.

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