In one night, and with one swift kick to the ballots, the two mainstream Parties have been decimated in a clear public protest of their mismanagement of Brexit.

The results have also shattered remainer myths about British voters regretting their decision to leave the European Union, with many hailing this morning’s outcome as a ‘second mandate’ and a dire warning to the establishment to deliver Brexit or face future annihilation.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was on course for victory, with voters switching from UKIP and the Tories over their chaotic handling of Brexit.

After ten regions had declared, the Brexit party had picked up 28 MEPs, and demanded that they get a say in Brexit negotiations going forward.

The Lib Dems had 15 seats, Labour were on 10, down 7, the Greens won 7, while the Tories were the mainstream party to be hit the hardest – down from 13 to just 3 seats.

Meanwhile, UKIP – without whom there would likely never have been a referendum on EU membership to begin with – scraped a pitiful 3.5% of the vote compared to Nigel Farage’s outfit’s 33.2 per cent.

After Mr Farage was re-elected as MEP for South East England, which he has represented for 20 years, he warned the main parties he could win a general election.

The Brexit Party came first in every one of the 13 MEP regions apart from London, Scotland and Northern Ireland

“The Labour and Conservative parties could learn a big message from tonight – though I don’t suppose they actually will,” he said.

Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe helped the Brexit Party to victory in the South West, wiping out both Labour and the Tories, declaring that “duty howled” for her to return to politics.

Meanwhile, Jacob Rees-Mogg ’s sister Annunziata helped wipe out the Tories completely in the East Midlands.

Theresa May suffered a major blow in her Maidenhead constituency after the Tories fell to third position behind the Brexit Party and the Lib Dems.

The BBC said the result was Tories’ worst since 1832. But Tory MEP Daniel Hannan, a key figure in the Leave campaign, said it was worse than that.

“I think this is our worst ever result.”

The Tories failed to come first in one single local authority area, and looked set to come in fifth overall.

But Labour also thankfully had a bad night, on course to come third overall behind the Lib Dems, who were the biggest beneficiaries of remoaner voters abandoning Comrade Corbyn’s party over its ambiguous Brexit position.

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