Investor and Bedrock founder Geoff Lewis is asking for advice on stockpiling food in another illustration of how the spread of coronavirus is driving fears of shortages.

Lewis, who was an early investor in Lyft, surprised some when he asked Twitter users how to go about prepping for potential food supply interruptions.

“If one were hypothetically stockpiling four months of shelf stable food, what would folks recommend (optimizing for keto friendly)?” he asked.

Some of the respondents chided Lewis for his somewhat pretentious “keto friendly” demand.

“How do I make my survival food keto” is quite possible the most first world statement ever uttered,” said one.

Others advised the investor to stock up on sardines, tuna, peanut butter, almond butter, nuts, beef jerky, broth, dried vegetables, chicken, rice and beans.

As we highlighted yesterday, after Italy was hit with over 150 new cases of coronavirus in just a couple of days store shelves in some areas of the country began to empty.

Stockpiling food is not the only way elites are reacting to the spread of coronavirus – the demand for private jets has also soared.

“The number of business jet flights between Hong Kong to Australia and North America leapt 214 per cent in January compared with a year ago,” reports FT.


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