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August 2, 2010

Fear FactoryIndustrial metal, groove metal, death metal, alternative metal, regardless of what you call them Fear Factory has been tearing up the heavy metal scene since they were formed in 1989. With over 1million records sold in the United States alone, performing at three Ozzfests and the inaugural Gigantour with Megadeth, they have continued to be one the biggest heavy metal bands around the globe with millions of fans.

Excitingly with the release of their tenth album, Mechanize, Fear Factory has not only put out another amazing sounding album, but one ripe with anti-New World Order overtones. None more obvious than a track titled “Controlled Demolition,” a song loaded with references to the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 on 9/11.

“You will believe this blood sacrifice
Life was the price for change
All to kill, dominate
All to kill, for control
A false flag conceals truth to sacrifice chosen few
Destruction, conspiracy,
An inside job done with efficiency
Bodies were falling, burning and screaming
Buildings collapsing, disintegrating
Hellfire scorching, blinding the sky”

In a recent interview with absolutemetal.com lead singer and frontman Burton C. Bell went into detail about his questions regarding the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7:

“…the buildings were in a controlled demolition, and all I have to make people think about is building 7. Building 7 was blocked away and for some reason it caught on fire and it fell down shortly after both buildings fell. Funny thing that every building standing right next to the trade centers were untouched, never caught on fire even though they were next to it, and no damage was done. So why did building 7 fall in a controlled demolition fashion? The World Trade Centers were built to withstand a 737 flying into it. You know, and the fact that..dude when you look at video you see explosions beneath, going down as it falls up high. That’s controlled demolition, that’s totally controlled demolition, you look at any video archive of buildings falling and that’s exactly how they fall. And then there’s the thermite cuts into the steel of the foundation, that’s cut directly how a building should fall you know? It’s fact, it’s not a just theory, I’m looking just at the facts.

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When describing the track Fear Campaign Bell exemplifies his understanding of the control mechanisms that are being used against us as well as his understanding of the fraudulent war on terror:

“…It’s misinformation that causes the fear, half-truths, lies, and you know they do it through the media, they do it through exploitation and it’s something that we’ve been seeing for centuries and it’s even more true in this day and age, you know, the war on terror is a fear campaign”.

In an article on Blabbermouth.net, while providing a track-by-track guide, Bell gives his description of Controlled Demolition and again shows his knowledge of history and how “violence and deception” have also been used as mechanisms of control:

“So many questions, so many lies, so perfect a destruction. All one has to do is consider the theories. Why is it so difficult to believe that our elected officials are above destructive corruption? History has proved that absolute control through violence and deception is a common theme. Consider the alternative thought, and you may see there is truth behind the False Flag.”

Founding member and guitarist Dino Cazares in an interview with craveonline.com further explains the band’s view on 9/11:

“…Well if you look at how the buildings fell, most of it fell directly down and people heard things exploding on the bottom….We just felt that 9/11 was a conspiracy because of the way the buildings fell and that people were hearing banging and explosions from the bottom floor not ninety floors up. The way the beams were cut, they were all cut clean and the same way. We just felt it was a conspiracy. War is money so why not create a fake war to make money. Why haven’t we found Osama Bin Laden? I’m sure he’d be easy enough to find. Have we really wanted to find him?

With the recent Megadeth album Endgame being inspired by Alex Jones’ documentary, it is great to see another influential band exposing the New World Order and who are not afraid to openly question the events surrounding September 11th, 2001. We are sure the establishment will not like another group that reaches millions of people exposing their globalist agenda and their use of false-flag terror as a means of control.

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