Forgive us at TruthRevolt for cheating, but this week’s example of progressive lunacy is actually two weeks old. We don’t know how we missed this one, but it’s so outstanding that we felt compelled to use it even though there may be other worthy examples that are more current.

At the website of Everyday Feminist, whose mission is – oh, who cares? Two weeks ago they re-posted an article entitled “Not Sure What People Mean By ‘Triggering?’ This Article Is Your One-Stop 101.” If you’re not familiar with the concept of “trigger warnings,”count yourself lucky, because it’s all the rage on campuses where political correctness rules with an iron fist.

Hmm, since the words “rage” and “fist” might trigger traumas in some readers, we should have inserted a trigger warning at the beginning of the paragraph. Sorry, we’re new at this.

See how it works?

But the Everyday Feminist editors have taken that notion to an impressive degree of absurdity. Here is their note preceding the article:

Editors Note: Like this phenomenal article, Everyday Feminism definitely believes in giving people a heads up about material that might provoke our reader’s trauma. However, we use the phrase “content warning” instead of “trigger warning,” as the word “trigger” relies on and evokes violent weaponry imagery. This could be re-traumatizing for folks who have suffered military, police, and other forms of violence. So, while warnings are so necessary and the points in this article are right on, we strongly encourage the term “content warning” instead of “trigger warning.”

So there you have it. Now even the phrase “trigger warning” needs to come with a trigger warning – oops, CONTENT warning. Sorry, we’re new at this.

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