A library in Massachusetts held a Drag Queen story hour for children despite many parents protesting the event.

Police were outside the Fall River Public Library Saturday as a massive demonstration of parents and religious leaders called for the event to be shut down.

“We believe that they are indoctrinating systematically our kids into a culture that can be very dangerous,” Baptist Temple Church Pastor Michael Johnson told CBS Boston.

One protest sign stated: “Dear God: Let NOT the little children be perverted by Drag Queen story hours!”

A library administrator said she’d mostly fielded complaints from people objecting to the event on religious grounds, which was enough to get it shut down in other New England cities, however they decided to go forward with the story hour “because Fall River is a very diverse community, and I thought people were very accepting here.”

Inside, children as young as 1-year-old were “mesmerized” by a pink-wig wearing drag queen calling himself “Naomi Chomsky.”

One parent claimed listening to the man dressed as a woman read was similar to going to see a Disney movie.

“It’s no different than going to see a Disney Princess,” the parent told CBS. “I just want to raise Betty with tolerance for everyone, no matter what.”

Local media CBS Boston portrayed the event as a progression of the gay rights agenda and the “push for acceptance.”

While Drag Queen story hour events continue being held nationwide, the Houston chapter of Drag Queen story hour discontinued the event “for the forseeable future” after at least two of the members reading to children were found to be registered sex offenders.

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