Have you ever wondered why leftists can push their agendas in government even when they’re flagrantly against the will of the majority?

How do they get away with this? In a representative democracy, it shouldn’t work that way, but “shouldn’t” and five bucks gets you a cheeseburger. Excessive centralization helps them impose their will on the public.


The birthplace of the Frankfurt School, the communist think tank that subverted the American universities

Infiltrating organizations has long been a leftist strategy, most famously with the “long march through the institutions” concept. Not only have they used this tactic to absorb rival factions, they’ve used it to subvert cultural institutions and even governments. When they get appointed to prominent positions, they’ll fight tooth and nail to get their like-thinking buddies in at all levels. Once critical mass is achieved, anyone with a different ideology can forget about getting a job there.

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