Americans are dumber than ever before. The IQ of westerners has dropped by a staggering 14 points over the last century. Our attention spans are less than that of a goldfish.

Our children are also becoming stupider. Since 2006, the average SAT score has fallen by 20 points. In Japan, high school students are at the same educational level as Americans with who hold four year college degrees.

For 2 million years of evolution, our brains grew larger, but there’s been a reversal. Our brains are now physically shrinking.

Not only are we getting dumber, we’re getting fatter as well. 70 per cent of all Americans are overweight and obesity levels just hit an all time high – 27.7 per cent of the US population are obese.

Did you know that obesity is directly linked with stupidity? Studies show that obese people have 8% less brain tissue than people of normal weight. The areas of the brain affected by this tissue loss relate to critical thinking and long term memory.

Obesity also hinders blood circulation around the brain, reducing intelligence and cognitive functioning. Eating fatty foods also has an immediate negative impact on short term memory.

So the fat pride movement, now being promoted by the media & fashion industry, is not only encouraging chronic illnesses, it’s institutionalizing the acceptance of stupidity.

People will accuse me and those who make these arguments of being cynical and snobbish because simply drawing attention to this appears to be an exercise in futility.

But really, the solution lies in shaming these people. Dumb people should be idiocy shamed. It shouldn’t be seen as acceptable to be completely ignorant of real issues or basic facts.

In a truly progressive society, those who are most informed about things that matter should be perceived as the pinnacle of cool and trendy.

But dominant mainstream culture has instead made cool moral relativism, dismantling vocabulary down to grunts and lame acronyms, and wearing your pants halfway down your butt.

Popular culture has been designed to create an army of morons who are dependent on bread and circuses. A generation of young people whose acceptance amongst their friends depends upon keeping up with the Kardashians and mindlessly regurgitating and mimicking the words and behavior of classless, addle brain, nihilistic degenerates.

They’ve monetized apathy and stupor on an industrial scale.

Instead of aspiring to be inventors, mavericks, and entrepreneurs – something achievable, an entire generation has been tricked into pursuing the unobtainable goal of celebrity. They all waste their lives trying to become rappers, musicians, sports heroes and movie stars, and for the vast majority it’s never going to happen.

The fallout from this is obsession with expressing their unrequited narcissism through social media – which in turn makes people more depressed and more stupid.

Our icons are fools. Our heroes are intellectual weaklings. Celebrities who express original thoughts are publicly shamed. Celebrities who parrot group-think nonsense are exalted.

We’re the product of an entertainment industry and a culture that rewards intellectual conformity and denigrates curiosity and contrarian thinking.

So it is any wonder that despite all our technology and all our progress, we’re dumber than ever before?

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