Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton kept her husband’s illegitimate child from meeting his father, the former president’s alleged son Danney Williams stated Wednesday.

In a rare exclusive television appearance on the Alex Jones Show, Williams, a Little Rock, Arkansas native, claimed the former First Lady played a major role in keeping father and son separated.

“I think Hillary is the one that kept me away. I mean, as a married couple your decisions are one,” Williams told Jones.

“So I’m sure she know of me and I’m sure she … and with all the publicity, all the stories in the press that falsely reports we had taken the DNA, all of that is false.”

“So I really do think she has played a part in banishing me.”

Danney has asked for Hillary to step aside and allow her husband to submit a DNA sample so the paternity issue can finally be settled.

“More complete and verified DNA sample from Bill Clinton would serve to either corroborate everything I believe or put this matter to rest so that I can close this chapter of my life and move on,” Williams wrote in an article featured on Infowars.

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