Mark S. McGrew
October 19, 2008

Last August I wrote about the illegal immigration problem in the USA and I pointed out that it is the illegal aliens who are the true victims. I also made a few predictions.

Those predictions have come true and it is again, the illegals who are suffering.

A year and a half ago, most news reports were in defense of illegal aliens, trying to convince the readers that, “They are doing jobs that Americans don’t want to do”. The articles and reader’s comments to those articles were quoting the same mantra of, “family values, honest, hard working, looking for a better life”.

I predicted that the tide would turn and it did.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Now, most news articles are using the term “illegal” instead of “undocumented”. Probably 80% or more of the comments by readers show zero tolerance for illegal aliens and demand that they be deported.

America has enough cheap labor and does not need any more. The American public is complaining loudly to get the illegals out of their communities. Local, County and State police are enforcing immigration laws. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is raiding work sites like never before. Hundreds of illegals are incarcerated and hundreds more Americans are lined up the next day to apply for those jobs that Americans don’t want to do. We now arrest more people on immigration violations than we do for drug offenses.

Aurora , Colorado is building a detention center to hold over 1200 illegal aliens. Other communities are building detention centers as well. States are refusing driver’s licenses without proof of citizenship. Illegal aliens are moving out of anti-illegal alien States in droves, creating new problems where they relocate. Those States, experiencing massive movement into their communities are forging new barriers.

San Francisco , California is being investigated by the Feds for their “Sanctuary City” policy. The federal prosecutor has said that arrests may be made. The San Francisco Mayor, who was a staunch supporter of sanctuary policies has changed his tune and is now attempting to enforce the laws.

The State of California has a $17 billion shortfall and the Governor is asking the federal government for $7 billion. Studies by the California comptroller have shown that illegal aliens cause a negative effect of $14 billion a year.

Sonora , Mexico officials were recently in Arizona complaining about the wave of Mexicans returning home due to serious enforcement in Arizona. One of the delegates said about Arizona’s immigration enforcement, “I don’t see how they can make a law like that.”

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