January 6, 2010

A Pinky & Brain episode you probably have never seen, and till now, couldn’t see.

A very special episode of the popular television cartoon titled, T.H.E.Y.. The plot; Pinky & Brain go on a mission to infiltrate the Iluminati secret society. It contains numerous strong suggestions and symbols that infer that the leaders of the USA conspire with foreign powers behind closed doors. The main conspirators are clearly depicted as being Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger.

T.H.E.Y. from maesevil on Vimeo.

[efoods]Strangely enough, this episode can be found in streaming video such as youtube, HOWEVER, only dubbed in Spanish. Why? After we here at watched on youtube the spanish version we were surprised to see there was no original version available for viewing. So we took it upon ourselves to make T.H.E.Y. readily available to our English speaking anti-conspiracy conspirators. You can now see it, in English at:

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