As with every event imaginable, the Internet hasn’t failed to deliver a stream of dank memes in support of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh following last week’s dramatic testimony.

Here’s a look at a few from the past week, many of which convey devastating truth bombs detrimental to the left’s attempted takedown of President Trump’s latest Supreme Court pick.

Warning: Some of these memes are NSFW.

Mr. Kavanaugh likes beer, and other Kav memes:

Some memes featured Christine Blasey Ford, or referred to her accusations against Kavanaugh.

Can it really be?

YouTuber Mark Dice mocked the allegations by claiming Kavanaugh should not become a Supreme Court Justice because he allegedly stole a GI Joe action figure from him at age six.

Comedian Owen Benjamin also made light of the nomination spectacle by jokingly claiming he was sexually assaulted by Good Will Hunting actor Matt Damon.

Other memes portrayed Kavanaugh as victim of a left-wing smear campaign.

This meme uses the famous Dos Equis man template to cast doubt on Julie Swetnick’s allegations:

And many saw an unmistakable resemblance between Garth from Wayne’s World and Christine Ford.

The memes’ kernels of truth poke holes right through the Democrats’ flimsy narrative – which is exactly why you need to spread them or make your own!

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