President Trump and ICE have a long road ahead when it comes to the deportation of millions of illegals, which Trump has declared must be done.

Beginning next week, the ICE blitz will begin.

Anything worth is worth doing right because as the campaign trail appears over the horizon, polls have shown that Americans are largely concerned with the garbage fire that is our border.

President Trump’s administration estimates that roughly 12 million illegals, mainly from Central America and Mexico, are roaming around the United States, 9 out of 10 of which will never return to their asylum court hearings.

But those numbers could easily be double the 12 million estimations.

Recently, Fox News sent a Swiss journalist to San Antonio to speak with the French-speaking Congolese to get a sense of who is supporting their journey across the Atlantic only to discover the immigrants were carrying wads of 100 dollar bills.

Whatever it takes to reclaim some semblance of our citizenship, our sovereignty, and our future as a nation must be addressed hastily, otherwise we are facing a point of no return orchestrated by a myriad of anti-American organizations that are feeding a national cancer that has gone untreated for decades by an aloof country club Congress.

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