People are reacting violently to the shocking victory of Donald Trump, in fact it’s a miracle that he won considering the entire system was against him.

The media, the Wall St. crooks, the establishment of both major political parties and dictatorships like the Saudis all spent fortunes to destroy Trump.

It’s no wonder that after a year of being subjected to a concerted media onslaught of negative press and a billion dollar demonization campaign launched by Hillary that people are filled with hatred.

Hillary’s negative ads were relentless and vicious.

We have been warned repeatedly that he is the next Hitler or represents the KKK and that he hates everyone except white men.

These outrageous exaggerations and smears were designed to deflect attention away from the mountain of evidence of Clinton’s career of destruction and corruption.

We have been directed to remember only the selected evidence that supports the idea that Trump is evil and to discard any information to the contrary.

Now that Hillary has been defeated by an election process that can’t possibly be rigged according to the current president, it is time to stop the madness and accept the result.

You don’t have to like Trump, but attacking his supporters instead of trying to understand them achieves nothing.

He is a flawed man, but his supporters are your friends, your family, your neighbors.

They are not some fringe hate group, no matter what hysterical talking points you have heard on the discredited mainstream media.

Reach out to them and ask them why they voted for Trump instead of making assumptions that are unfair and almost certainly untrue.

Are there racists among them?

I’m sure that a small percentage of his supporters are stupid racists, but why focus on the minority rather than the majority?

I bet that a small percentage of Democrats are racist idiots as well.

By obsessing on them we give them power.

Ignore them.

I will be the first to attack Trump if he commits war crimes and violates his oath to the Constitution.

My hope is that he will reject the Neocon doctrine that has informed the policies of this century thus far.

We will see.

He has promised to give us alternatives to these stupid wars.

We will see.

Trump has promised to lower the tax rate for businesses from 35 to 15%.

Trump has promised to end all Federal income tax for Americans making less than $40,000 a year.

These policies will help average Americans and lower income minorities who are suffering.

We don’t have to agree on every issue, but race-based politics is dangerous stuff.

You can change your position, you can’t change your race.

If you are opposed to Trump’s agenda, become an activist.

Channel your passion into something positive and certainly don’t aim your anger at your neighbor.

We all let our passions get the best of us and I am no exception, but I see a new and frightening level of hatred rising.

Anthony Freda

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