The Democrats, with all of their House Committee hearing power given to them over the 2018 elections, continued to find more ridiculous ways to spend the taxpayers money.

The 42-year-old Federation for American Immigration Reform arrived at the number of $116 billion for the amount the average U.S. taxpayer shells out to fund the Democrats open borders policy. Now the Democrats want to continue their narrative of polarization and white guilt by offering taxpayer dollars to 42 million African Americans reparations – which by some estimates could total roughly total $105 Billion a year.

Rep. Jackson Lee (Texas), who has been a member of Congress since 1995 and a leader behind the reparations legislation, forgot what it took one good American to point out.

And what if reparations fails? Does this embolden the lunatics on the left and their leading candidate Joe Biden’s call for a physical revolution?

And if a race war did ignite, what are the 9 million mixed race Americans supposed to do? Stay home and fight themselves?

What about the exemptions? I am the direct descendant of abolitionists who settled in Flushing, New York in the 17th Century who assisted with the Underground Railroad. Is my family exempt? What about the descendants of the 360,000 Union soldiers that died fighting for the emancipation proclamation? Are they exempt? And what about all of the white people who immigrated long after slavery and the Civil War, are they exempt too?

The real issue with reparations: they generally payout to living survivors.

In 1988, The United States paid 1.5 billion in reparations to the survivors of Japanese internment during World War 2. While Germany has paid $89 billion to victims of the Holocaust.

Will those survivors be paying reparations to the ancestors of those promised 40 acres and a mule by Union General Sherman that was interrupted after impeached Democratic President Andrew Johnson reversed the Freedmen’s Bureau process? The federal government, under a Democratic Executive office turned around and took back that land by force.

Unfortunately, that was the perfect window for reparations, because there were plenty of survivors.

Are we going to base serious policy on white guilt?

This is just how inept the Democrats are with the leadership of this nation and how dangerous reparations are to this Republic. You want reparations, why not start with the Southern Democrats that formed the Confederacy and the KKK. Or the mortgage lending scams that targeted black America in the 1960’s and 1970’s. And the Democrats today who lord over their blue districts where poverty is increasing and education of our unifying principles are dying. Or how about we have a serious discussion on why the Democratic-based Planned Parenthood-Sanger machine is still aborting black babies at record levels and start creating more black American children and supporting a reasonable future for those children?

Bottom line….Democrats, you opened up this can of worms. And in the end it is your history that has doomed reparations and caused us to all to see the truth, that it was the Democrats who fought tooth and nail to keep reparations from legitimately happening all along.

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