Several mainstream reporters were accused of repeating “talking points” after each of them sent out tweets about the same interview starting with the word “Wow.”

Take a look for yourself:

What are the chances that all of them would independently and coincidentally start their tweets with “Wow?”

Even more hilarious, LA Times reporter Eli Stokols retweeted two other reporters who also started their tweets with “Wow” just like he did!

It’s no wonder that so many mainstream reporters have been compared to NPCs from video games and Borgs from Star Trek:

And the tweets bear resemblance this old video showing local news anchors from various locations reading from the same teleprompter script:

And it also brings to mind the talking point from the 2016 election in which various media outlets said, ad verbiam, that Hillary Clinton was going to “power through” pneumonia.

“In the same way that Democrats and the media kept Hillary’s health out of the news until it could no longer be ignored, they’re now working together on the explanation,” reported Legal Insurrection. “Clearly, someone sent out a memo which suggested the words ‘power through’ should be used in every response.”

Legal Insurrection counted no less than five instances of various outlets using the “power through” phrase.

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