If you thought Lester Holt was a biased debate moderator, you should buckle up for even more partisanship this Sunday, as not one but TWO left leaning anchors will host the second stand off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Holt interrupted Trump over 40 times during last week’s debate, and failed to ask Hillary Clinton about any of the scandals that have plagued her campaign, or fact check her on several claims that were untrue.

The Washington Times reported that Trump was forced “to debate the highly anticipated event’s moderator as well as his Democratic opponent.”

It was totally predictable, indeed, Infowars predicted that exact scenario would unfold with Holt at the helm.

One has to wonder then what will happen with two biased moderators running the show.

This Sunday will see CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and ABC reporter Martha Raddatz ask the questions.

Cooper has not hidden the fact that he has no love lost for Trump.

Just a few days ago, Cooper ran an entire segment devoted to attacking Trump over tweets he sent out regarding Hillary poster child Alicia Machado having a sordid past and having appeared in a sex tape.

“Is it presidential?” Cooper asked Trump surrogate Jeff Lord, questioning if the tweets were “worthy of the office of president” and “worthy of somebody who would occupy the White House.”

Cooper then stated “Porn is popular. Maybe he’s tapping into the porn electorate. I get it. Maybe that is his brilliance,” the CNN anchor sardonically suggested.

Cooper has previously made similar comments about Republican supporters, calling them “teabaggers,” and quipping “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.”

Cooper, of the so called ‘Clinton News Network’, named so because of the vast amount of defense CNN has been running for Hillary over the past year, has been caught shutting down guests who talk about Hillary’s scandals and the charges that she is an ‘enabler’, even though CNN has previously covered the issue.

Cooper has also regularly clashed with Trump, most recently during an interview where he flat out suggested Trump was saying Hillary Clinton hates black people when he suggested that she is a ‘bigot’.

Perhaps the most troubling conflict of interest with Cooper, however, is that he has direct ties to the Clintons.

As the Weekly Standard reported a year ago, Cooper was listed as a “notable past member” of the Clinton Global Initiative’s website along with a number of other big name journalists who were not required to pay the $20,000 membership fee.

“In a nutshell, Anderson Cooper helped Hillary Clinton raise money, and now he’s presented as an impartial moderator for tonight’s debate.” the report noted, before a Democratic debate in October 2015.

Cooper this week commented on his upcoming role in Sunday’s debate, referring to the way Lester Holt performed.

“Lester Holt has been — some have criticized him for not being enough of a traffic cop, for not stopping Donald Trump from interrupting. I think there is a value in stepping back. You don’t want it to be about you. You want it to be a discussion about the two, and if one is interrupting the other, that tells the audience something, and people can make up their own minds about what exactly that means. I’m not sure it’s always good for the moderator to be stepping in and trying to direct and keep everything to time.” Cooper stated.

For her part, Raddatz has previously cozied up to Hillary Clinton, calling her ‘glamorous,’ ‘trendy,’ and ‘cool’.

When the world watched Hillary lie to Congress and squirm during testimony on Benghazi, Raddatz said Clinton was ‘charming’:

Following last week’s debate, Raddatz noted that she was confused by some of Trump’s answers, specifically on nuclear weapons policy, and suggested that she would look to press him further in the next debate.

“We had no idea what he was talking about in the end, whether he wanted first use or whether he didn’t want any first use. Maybe that next debate. We’ll see.” Raddatz stated.

Rest assured, these two ‘moderators’ are anything but impartial. The depth to which their personal bias can infiltrate Sunday’s debate, which is to be played out in a ‘town hall’ question and answer style, remains to be seen.

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