In the wake of Big Tech’s scorched-earth censorship campaign, social media site SubscribeStar has emerged as one of the dominant platforms for creators to maintain their independence.

As PayPal and Patreon moved to de-platform anyone with an opinion right-of-center, SubscribeStar picked up the slack and gave creators a way for audiences to still sponsor the content they love.

SubscribeStar is a tier-level subscription membership system that allows you to set monthly contributions to your favorite censored voices.

The site touts itself as an independent and flexible platform: “No big corp murky policies, no silly macromanagement or overreactions, and no judgements or biases whatsoever.”

Subscribe to our official Infowars SubscribeStar accounts, and help us continue the fight against globalism:

Alex Jones –

Paul Joseph Watson –

Owen Shroyer –

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