The vast majority of criminals don’t buy guns from gun shows, according to a survey by the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

In the survey of nearly 100 detainees at the Cook Co. Jail, about 70% said they bought guns from “social connections” or corrupt cops and only a handful of them purchased guns from licensed dealers at gun shops or shows.

“Some of the pathways people are concerned about don’t seem so dominant,” said Harold Pollack, co-director of the crime lab.

The survey also revealed that AR-15s and AK-47s, often demonized as “assault rifles” by the media, are unpopular among thugs and despite Chicago’s strict gun control laws, inmates were able to get a gun within six months of release.

“Police take guns and put them back on the street,” one inmate revealed.

In other words, gun control works – at keeping criminals armed and their law-abiding victims disarmed.

The study runs contrary to claims made by New York Times correspondent Josh Barro, who promoted gun control on MSNBC Saturday morning.

“If you did something like Australia did, where you really take away massive amounts of guns that people have, reduce the rate of gun ownership substantially in society, you could have a big impact on violent crime,” he claimed, oblivious to the fact that the most violent cities in America also have the strictest gun laws.

Another survey by Rasmussen found that 60% of Americans are against more gun control in response to the latest high-profile shootings in Virginia and South Carolina.

“The fact is that criminals break the laws, and it seems the laws don’t work anyway,” Steve Watson reported. “Further infringing on the rights of those who abide by the laws will not change either of these situations.”

Two separate polls last month, following the church shooting in Charleston, S.C., also found that the majority of Americans do not believe tighter gun laws would prevent mass shooting incidents.”

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