Robert Charette
March 25, 2014

Despite its title as America’s Finest City, San Diego, Ca. has a well-documented and sordid history of institutional corruption. Whether it’s city employees treating the city pension fund as their personal ATM (and nearly bankrupted the city in 2002) or the mayor getting caught using City Hall as a frat house, San Diego’s beauty belies a seedy underbelly. What a bummer.

Are these abuses merely coincidental? Or are they the result oftheir citizens living on pristine beaches and eating the dopest Mexican food found on this side of the danged fence? I can tell you from experience that the perfection that is carne asada fries can make somebody a little loopy.

The latest instance of San Diego institutional ickiness occurred at the most basic of establishments: the strip club. 2 Chainz would not approve.

Twenty-five strippers at a local San Diego ta-ta club filed a civil rights claim against SDPD, alleging cops held them at work against their will and took photos of their tats.

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