Close to 5,000 California students might not be allowed to go to college due to the incompetence of educrats and the duplicity of politicians. “The San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to give diplomas to 107 high school students who have not met all their graduation requirements — a move that goes against state law.

“The vote follows a decision from the California Department of Education, which canceled the July administration of the high school exit exam. In a statement released Thursday, department officials said they are working with lawmakers to “pass legislation that would suspend the exit exam requirement for three years because the exam does not reflect the new state academic standards.”

When an applicant tells you they have a California high school diploma, that might be true. If they tell you they earned it, that might be a lie—caused by government policies. In fact, should any high school diploma, based on peer counseling, restorative justice, diversity rules (including graduation rates), environmental junk science etc. Government education is about socialization in a socialized government, not about teaching kids history, math or English. Maybe there will be a lawsuit against the State for this incompetence costing kids a REAL high school diploma.

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