Keitha Nelson
March 31, 2009

Last year, state Representative John LaBruzzo, R-Metairie, brought up the idea to pay poor women to be sterilized has another controversial proposal on the table; now, he’s proposing to block government aid to certain convicted felons for up to a decade and require all welfare recipients to undergo drug screenings.

[efoods]Currently, 20,000 people in Louisiana are on welfare. Trey Williams with the Department of Social Services says many of those families have children and rely on the system so they won’t go hungry. If Representative LaBruzzo has his way, though, regardless of specific circumstances, a person with a felony drug conviction would be ineligible for government assistance for ten years (HB 138). “My goal is to try and make sure that we’re saving the taxpayer’s money and we’re getting the biggest bang for our buck and we’re eliminating those people who are abusing drugs in the welfare system,” he said.

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