During a speech delivered at Temple University in Philadelphia today, Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump for saying America is in decline.

Clinton and the Democrats obviously do not want to admit their policies over the last eight years have accelerated America’s economic and social decline.

As we reported on Wednesday after the Obama administration tweeted “America has come a long way over the past 7.5 years,” the nation has experienced a steep decline across the board.

Clinton’s faithful supporters may fool themselves in the belief America is on the rise, but a wide variety of statistics demonstrate otherwise.

“America is declining, in large and important measures, yet policymakers aren’t paying attention,” Fortune reported last July, citing a paper released by the Social Science Research Network.

Fortune pulled the following from the report:

• America’s child poverty levels are worse than in any developed country anywhere, including Greece, devastated by a euro crisis, and eastern European nations such as Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.

• Median adult wealth in the US ($39,000) is 27th globally, putting it behind Cyprus, Taiwan, and Ireland.

• Even when “life satisfaction” is measured, America ranks #12, behind Israel, Sweden and Australia.

Overall, America’s per capita wealth, health and education measures are mediocre for a highly industrialized nation. Well-being metrics, perceptions of corruption, quality and cost of basic services, are sliding, too. Healthcare and education spending are funding bloated administrations even while human outcomes sink, the authors say.

In large part, the decline can be attributed to crony capitalism, according to the authors. Globalist trade deals are also responsible.

Clinton and her husband are directly responsible for the decline of America. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA and Hillary was an enthusiastic supporter of the trade bill that created what Ross Perot described as the “giant sucking sound” as jobs were exported to third world nations.

America’s industrial base was systematically looted and destroyed by the globalists. 5.5 million jobs or over 32 percent of all manufacturing jobs since October 2000 were outsourced. Over 54,000 factories were shipped overseas beginning in 2001, several years after NAFTA went into effect.

Millions of Americans saw hourly wages fall from $35-45 per hour to $7-8 per hour. More generally, according to the Brookings Institute, the average worker displaced from manufacturing went from earning an annual income of $40,154 to $32,123 when re-employed, a drop of 20% in earnings. A large portion of the new jobs are in retail and service industries.

The decline is exacerbated by illegal immigration and “guest workers.” According to a 2015 report by the Congressional Research Service, wages for middle class Americans have dropped below 1970s levels as immigration has surged 325 percent over the past four decades, notes the American Nationalist Party.

“The percentage of Americans self-identifying as ‘middle class’ has dropped significantly in recent years, while the percentage considering themselves ‘lower class’ or ‘lower middle class’ has risen,” writes Katie Rose Quandt.

Between 2000 and 2014 the share of adults living in middle-income households fell in 203 of the 229 U.S. metropolitan areas examined by the Pew Research Center.

The federal government and its cartel of private bankers at the Federal Reserve have worked diligently to camouflage the fall of America by artificially inflating the stock market. The Fed has pursued “bubbles, gimmicks and palliatives” instead of doing what was needed to stabilize the economy.

Hillary Clinton would never admit it—she is, after all, supported by the very banksters destroying America—but America is currently in the middle of a very “dark” depression and has been since the bankers blew out the economy in 2008.

Since that time, a bevy of economists and even leaders of the Federal Reserve—including Ben Bernake, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker, Joesph Stieglitz, Paul Krugman, and many others—have said the current economic decline may be worse than the Great Depression.

Donald Trump is spot on about the economy and the state of America. It remains to be seen if he can reverse the tide of economic dissolution.

Unlike Hillary and the Democrats, however, Trump is not telling lies to the American people.

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