Kurt Nimmo
October 4, 2011

Billionaire financier, hedge fund kingpin and unabashed globalist George Soros has come out publicly and supported the amorphous Occupy Wall Street movement.

“He said he understood the anger at the use of taxpayers’ cash to prop up stricken banks, allowing them to earn huge profits,” the BBC reported on Monday.

”I think I can sympathize with their views,” said Soros. “Actually I can understand their sentiment, frankly … since they were relying on that credit to run their businesses an awful lot of them actually were put out of business.”

In 2009, Soros advocated taking money from taxpayers and forking it over to “too big to fail” mega-banks. He said it would take more than $700 billion to “recapitalize” the banks.

Research conducted by Infowars.com and the alternative media reveal that much of the Occupy Wall Street movement is financed by foundations and organizations connected to Soros, so it is natural that he sympathizes with the movement.

Soros made his comments about OWS during a meeting at the United Nations.

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