A group of Women’s March organizers were interviewed on a panel Friday discussing why being a white woman is inherently racist.

Hosted by The Sirius XM Progress Channel’s Make It Plain, organizers Sophie Ellman-Golan, Heather Marie Scholl, and Rhiannon Childs spoke about “Confronting White Womanhood” and the “racist” white women in Alabama who voted for Roy Moore, as depicted in the following graphic.

“More white women voted percentage-wise for Roy Moore than did for Donald Trump,” the panel’s host says. “So this is why this is such an urgent conversation, such an urgent panel to have quite frankly.”

#ConfrontingWhiteWomanhood panel with Women's March organizers Sophie EG, Heather Marie Scholl, and Rhiannon Childs

Posted by Make It Plain on Friday, December 15, 2017

The panel largely centered around making white women feel guilty for their alleged complicity in “upholding white supremacy,” as Sophie explained:

“We designed this obviously to work directly with… specifically with white women, but I think also in this particular setting it’s really valuable to have multiple voices talking about both – because it’s obviously for white women to confront our own complicity in upholding white supremacy, but it’s not like white women’s voices are, or should be the only voices talking about the ways that white women cause harm and violence.”

The event was criticized for dividing women by color, instead of promoting unity.

“The left has developed a pathological and perverted obsession with race, judging people by their skin color, gender and social class,” wrote one woman on Twitter. “Judging people by their skin color rather than the content of their character is racism.”

The Confronting White Womanhood panel discussion follows similar conferences which took place in late October at the leftist Women’s Convention in Detroit.

The Women’s March, co-chaired by Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour and funded by billionaire globalist George Soros and his Open Society Foundations to the tune of $246 million, champions virtually every liberal and anti-Trump cause.

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