Multibillion-dollar business software provider Salesforce announced on Thursday that it would no longer do business with anyone who legally sells certain firearms or ammunition magazines.

The corporation, worth around $120 billion, updated its Acceptable Use and External Facing Services Policy to ban anyone using their software from selling nearly all modern semiautomatic rifles and many other semiautomatic firearms.

The policy outlines the kind of legal firearms and firearms accessories that cannot be sold using the company’s software.

Those include any semiautomatic firearm that can accept a detachable magazine and any of the following features: “thumbhole stock, folding or telescoping stock, grenade launcher or flare launcher, flash or sound suppressor, forward pistol grip, pistol grip (in the case of a rifle) or second pistol grip (in the case of a pistol), barrel shroud.”

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History has presented itself time and time again with gun control and registry leads only to the removal of rights. Scott Bronson is on the side of the argument to allow people the right to bear arms, and not past right created in the foundation of our government specify the limits on such a right.

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