Safe space students at Western Washington University have issued an extensive list of demands which includes the construction of an entirely new college dedicated to “social justice” as well as the ability to fire police officers who commit microaggressions against them.

The Student Assembly for Power and Liberation (SAPL) has published a petition which calls for “the creation and full implementation of the College of Power and Liberation,” an institution that will be devoted to “social justice” and combating “systemic oppression” and “white supremacy”.

The group demands that the college be staffed by ten full time faculty members (chosen by them), and that it be launched with a lavish $50,000 opening ceremony that will mark “the beginning of the momentous history of the College of Power and Liberation.”

“Other than the cost of the opening event, SAPL does nothing to estimate the cost of this endeavor or suggest how the money be raised, stating bluntly that “acquiring such funding is the responsibility of the administration,” writes Blake Neff.

The group also demands that a 15 member student panel is created to “monitor, document, and archive all racist, anti-black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynistic, ablest, homophobic, islamophobic, and otherwise oppressive behavior on campus.”

Elsewhere in the list of demands, the group uses the words “persxn” instead of “person,” and “hxstory” instead of “history,” suggesting that this new “social justice” college will also ban words that are deemed to be sexist.

Another ludicrous demand is that students be given the power to fire police officers that they feel are engaging in “oppressive behavior” on campus.

The idea of students making absurd lists of demands in the name of “social justice,” which is in reality just a veil for an authoritarian power grab, became popular during last year’s SJW uprising which began at the University of Missouri and spread to other campuses.

The group expects all the demands to be implemented by the end of the spring 2016 term, an unlikely scenario given that WWU President Bruce Shepard asserts the list would violate federal law and threaten academic freedom.

Although the list of demands is preposterous, it underscores how universities are being overrun with entitled, cry-baby authoritarians who are determined to completely overturn the notion that colleges should be places of vigorous debate and dissent, supplanting that with censorship, political correctness, safe spaces and trigger warnings.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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