Snopes, the far-left website that purports to debunk conspiracy theories, has debunked itself by asserting that Oprah Winfrey never said white people need to die to solve racism, before contradicting itself and admitting that Oprah meant white people when she said old people “just have to die” to solve racism.

The controversy arose out of a 2013 BBC interview when Oprah said, “Of course the problem is not solved. As long as people can be judged by the color of their skin, the problem’s not solved. As long as there are people who still… And there’s a whole generation — I said this for apartheid South Africa, I said this for my own community in the South — there are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”

The context of Oprah’s statement is clear – old white people need to die in order to solve racism. The meaning of what she said cannot be taken any other way.

However, in an article entitled Did Oprah Winfrey Say ‘Old White People Have to Die’?, Snopes ludicrously declares the claim to be false.

They do so by treating the question as if Oprah literally said the words “old white people,” which she did not. As part of its debunking, Snopes quotes my tweet in which I wrote, “Oprah’s solution to racism; Old white people “just have to die”. What a horribly divisive message.”

You’ll notice that I didn’t quote Oprah as saying “old white people,” the quotation marks in that tweet were around the words, “just have to die”. However, the context of Oprah’s statement is clearly aimed at old white people.

“Winfrey’s remarks weren’t specifically targeted at white people,” claims Snopes. “She did not say “All old white people have to die,” or “White older people have to die,” or any other fabricated, race-based version of her actual remarks. In fact, she never uttered the phrase “white people” at all.”

However, in the penultimate paragraph of the article, Snopes admits that Oprah was indeed referring to old white people when she said they “just have to die”.

“It’s valid, given the context, to infer that the majority of the people Winfrey was talking about are white,” Snopes concedes.

So in other words, yes Oprah was talking about white people when she said old people “just have to die”.

The mental gymnastics Snopes is forced to employ to get around this reality is hilarious.

As we have previously documented, Snopes presents itself as a non-partisan outfit, yet has proven itself to be a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party and the left on numerous occasions.

Snopes previously tried to “debunk” claims that the New York Times had colluded with Clinton’s campaign by warning them in advance about potentially negative stories that were about to be published, despite Wikileaks emails proving this to be true on two separate occasions.

As the Daily Caller reported, Kim Lacapria, Snopes’ main political “fact checker,” describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and a liberal. She has previously equated Tea Party conservatives with jihadists.

In December 2016, an investigative report revealed how Snopes was accused of using company money to pay for prostitutes.

Snopes’ obvious far-left bias is genuinely disconcerting given that it is being used by the likes of Google and Facebook as a supposedly independent “fact checker” to combat “fake news” online.

This and other examples illustrate how, far from fighting against fake news, Snopes is responsible for circulating it.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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