Social media company Snapchat is receiving backlash after users claimed the popular app made available a Pride Month-themed filter promoting pedophilia.

In a photo filter themed “Love has no labels,” conservative activist Ashley St. Clair noted the phrase “Love has no age” appeared as an option.

St. Clair uploaded an example of her applying the photo filter and cycling through other phrases, including: “Love has no gender,” “Love has no sexuality,” and “love has no disability.”

“I heard pedophiles were trying to get into the LGBTQ community, but did it really happen? What do you mean love has no age?” St. Clair said in the video uploaded Sunday.

Other users on Twitter were equally appalled by the filter.

Infowars was unable to reproduce the filter as of writing Monday, June 3. The filter was not available when searched on the app. It is possible Snapchat quietly pulled the filter so as to avoid negative press.

Snapchat did not return Infowars’ request for comment as of writing.


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