Flight attendants give inside information on how to safely fly without having to wear a mask. The globalist psyop can be defeated with one simple trick – SNACKS.

I want to read you a couple of emails that have been sent to me from people who work for airlines. The first email reads, ‘Hi David, I’m a long time Flight Attendant. Don’t wanna say which, but I’ve been flying part 121 air carrier for many years and numerous airlines.’”

The email from the flight attendant continues, “I’m so freaking disturbed about this mandatory mask thing, which has totally ruined my work morale. Crew can not do anything without getting fired. It just makes our job much more difficult to deal with this absurdity. The Passengers must stand their ground!”

Knight agrees, “That’s right folks, we have to take back our freedoms from the ground up, even when it comes to flying.”

The listener continues, “We need the public to act w/o starting fights. I’m very scared for any disruption inflight. The INFLIGHT fights are extremely scary. All I can do is offer loopholes……. Please announce on your show that eating and drinking is the loophole.”

Knight comments, “It’s like when restaurants tell you to wear a mask on the walk to your table then you can take it off and sit for hours without a mask. It’s because this is just a novel, a narrative.”

“The listener advises future flyers to, ‘bring snacks that take the entire flight to eat. ie, popcorn, mixed nuts, balls of rice, and I especially like shoestring potato fries.’”

“Bring a straw and a big tumbler cup for any drinks. The straw will assist you to appear to be drinking more than you actually are.”

“You can bring your own food and soft drinks/juice/water onboard (not alcohol). You can bring snacks through security but will need to fill your tumbler with non-alcoholic drinks once your past security.”

Knight remarks, “Because you can’t take any liquids through security, that’s another part of the novel that came in with 9/11. ‘You do not need a tray table deployed to handle your own drink and your snack. Lock your tray table up when told.’ These are the 9/11 rules, after 9/11 if you don’t do exactly as you’re told then it’s big trouble.

But here’s the listener’s loophole, ‘There is NO rule against eating or drinking your own food or drink during ANY phase of flight. ie, boarding, taxi, takeoff, cruise, descent, landing, taxi in, and deplaning.’ So you can eat and drink the whole time and while you’re eating and drinking you don’t have to have a mask on.”

The email concludes, “It is very likely that all the USA airlines are following the same mask policy. We are being told that pax are allowed to eat and drink as needed. They can remove the mask for eating and drinking.” Signed, “Flight Attendant based in the USA”

“Another flight attendant sent this to me, ‘Delta Airlines needs to change its name to Delta COVID Detection. The CEO is begging for federal aid and begging people to retire so that the airline doesn’t go under. But somehow he has it in his budget to not only partner with the Mayo Clinic but now CVS to make his employees test for a superstition… From face-diapers to temperature checks to now testing, it was all voluntary until not enough people care to volunteer, now it’s becoming mandatory.’”

Knight concludes, “We’ve seen that if you say you can’t wear a mask for medical reasons, they have you do an ‘over the phone examination’. A medical professional who works for them will determine, over the phone, if you really do have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a useless superstitious cloth mask. So get your snacks and shoestring fries.”

Owen speaks with Miss Gibson, a public school teacher who stood up for her students who weren’t wearing masks and were bullied for it.

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