Kurt Nimmo
June 6, 2010

Paul McCartney. He wasn’t the cerebral Beatle. John was. Maybe that’s why John was shot down and Paul wasn’t. He’s “Sir” Paul now. He sucked up to the Queen and was knighted a Member of the Order of the British Empire. McCartney apparently thinks this honorific title gives him the right to come over here and criticize those of us who see Obama for what he is.

To Sir with Love: Sir Paul gets an award from Sir Barry.

“I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy,” said McCartney last week. “So lay off him, he’s doing great.”

Paul also made fun of George W. Bush, thus revealing his preference for Democrat political parasites. Republicans were miffed about this. House Minority Leader John Boehner said Sir Paul should apologize. It’s downright disgraceful to speak about the former neocon and warmonger-in-chief like that.

I guess we’re all expected sit down and shut up. Sort of like the feudal peasants who eked out a dismal existence in mud huts below royal castles in medieval England. Peasants were only required when it came to paying taxes and fighting wars between inbred royals.

Obama needs all the help he can get, even if it comes from a British snob knighted by one of the world’s most notorious criminals.

“Polls show that around 10 per cent of those who voted for Obama in 2008 now disapprove of his performance and the heavy turnout of young people and black voters among the 69 million who back him will not be repeated again,” writes Toby Harnden for the Telegraph. “McCartney’s banalities were an example of a transatlantic dissonance that is all too apparent these days. Whereas Europe is stuck in November 2008 and still hopelessly in love with Obama, Americans have got over the historic symbolism of it all and are now moving on as they live with the reality.”

Hate to say it. But we told you so. It was manifestly obvious in 2008 that Barry Obama was chosen to pick up the scepter of the state passed on by Bush and continue the globalist agenda.

“It is an irony of Obama’s presidency — which came into being because he was the unBush — that it shares some of the worst traits of his predecessor’s administration. Among these are insularity and a blinkered arrogance,” notes Harnden.

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But the real shame is the inability of the people to understand what’s going on here. Barack Soetero is a front man for a ruling elite so marvelously hidden behind the curtain. He is a wind-up teleprompter reader who sticks to the script. He is a Chatty Cathy for the State. It makes sense he is phony as a three dollar bill. It also makes sense he is a Narcissus in love with his own reflection. The Greek Narcissus disdained those who loved him. So does Barry who has a problem with empathy as do all sociopaths.

H. L. Mencken called the easily fooled middle class the “booboisie” and the state the “apex of moronia.” The booboisie usually figure out things after it is too late. Some of them think that if we the people merely shuffle the deck and install new faces at the “apex of moronia” we can get our republic back — not that most of the booboisie know what a republic is.

It is said our salvation will arrive the minute after the Tea Party takes over Congress. But that remedy was sold down the river many months ago and re-purposed by establishment Republicans who know the main thing is to keep the corporate-bankster scam going at all cost, even if it must be disguised in a fashion repugnant to most of them.

Sir Barry will of course be out of here come 2012. It looks like the elite will offer up a Republican who spouts Tea Party rhetoric the same way Obama spouted his inane change mantra that was bought with such breathless and unquestioning acceptance by much of the enraptured booboisie.

No real republican — yes, the lack of capitalization is deliberate — will be allowed near the throne. If the people per chance elect one, he will suffer a Paul Wellstone moment. He will probably experience a new grassy knoll.

I think it is time to replace the National Anthem with Peter Townsend’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” Townsend’s song tells of a “revolution of revolutions” where “the change it had to come, we knew it all along” but then each successive new regime turns out to be just like the previous one. “Meet the new boss,” the Who sang, “same as the old boss.” Exit with power chords.

Is it possible the booboisie will figure this one out before it is too late?

Sure. And I’m getting a pony for Christmas.

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