When it comes to Hillary’s health, late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon isn’t taking any chances.

The NBC Tonight Show host dons a surgical mask in an interview with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton scheduled to air Monday, September 19.

In the interview, taped Friday, Clinton laughs about the skit and high-fives Fallon, who immediately applies hand sanitizer.


The joke comes as questions over Hillary’s health have taken center stage in the presidential race, especially after the former Secretary of State was caught on film collapsing outside of the 9/11 memorial:

Concerns were already heightened after the former First Lady suffered a violent, debilitating four-minute cough attack while attempting to give a speech earlier that week in Ohio:

Only a week before the coughing fit, she had appeared on another late night talk show, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, opening a pickle jar in a humorous attempt to prove she was physically fit to be president:

Following the 9/11 memorial incident, the Clinton campaign team revealed the presidential candidate was actually suffering from pneumonia, however other prominent physicians, such as Dr. Drew Pinsky, say her symptoms are indicative of a more serious medical condition.

On Friday, Fallon also received criticism from members of the left after his guest, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, had a hugely successful appearance.

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