Video out of T’bilisi, Georgia shows the moment a large woman snaps and randomly stabs a three-year-old child in the face as he walks down a sidewalk holding his mother’s hand.

Footage of the Wednesday incident shows a family going along minding their own business when the woman, who was walking in the opposite direction, unexpectedly turns and begins stabbing a young boy.

The woman next attempts to do the same to the boy’s young sister.

The children’s father attempts to confront her, but is intimidated by the woman’s large butcher knife.

She then proceeds to cross the street as though nothing happened.

The boy required stitches due to deep wounds in his nose and right cheek.

The suspect was only identified by her age, 51, mentioned in a report by Sputnik Georgia.

According to author David Videcette, the woman was arrested and faces seven to 10 years in prison.

A report referenced by described the woman as “an unemployed artist born in 1968.”

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