An immigrants rights group linked to globalist George Soros has released a political television ad targeting conservatives and libertarians by labeling them white supremacists.

The ad, paid for by the Soros-linked group Latino Victory Project, attacks Virginia GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie and urges voters to “reject hate” when they go to the polls next week.

The minute-long ad depicts minority children waking up from a nightmare in which they are chased through neighborhoods by a pickup truck decorated with a Gillespie campaign bumper sticker, flying a Confederate flag, and featuring a “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsden flag license plate.

“Is this what Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie mean by the American Dream?” says the narrator over footage from the Charlottesville protests that occurred last summer.

The ad was released Monday in both English and Spanish.

“In a desperate attempt to become Virginia’s next governor, Ed Gillespie has eagerly embraced racism and xenophobia,” said Latino Victory Project president Cristóbal Alex.

“We refuse to stand by as bullies like Gillespie slander our families, call us ‘thugs’ and ‘criminals,’ and portray hard-working immigrants as a national security threat. Ed Gillespie has made it abundantly clear what he thinks of Latinos and immigrants, so on Election Day, our community will make it clear how we feel about him.”

Gillespie’s campaign manager Chris Leavitt responded to the ad’s blatant attack on conservatives and libertarians, noting that the video was nothing more than a “smear campaign” meant to falsely equate Virginia conservatives with white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

“Now his allies have reached a new low with a disgusting, vile television ad seeking to instill fear in our children with that same imagery,” Mr. Leavitt said.

“This is not an attack on Ed Gillespie anymore. This is an all-out attack on the people of Virginia. This latest ad gives a clear indication of just what Ralph Northam and his national Democratic allies think of all of us, and it’s sickening.”

The Latino Victory Project is essentially a tool of George Soros, who bankrolled a $15 million outreach campaign last year to “mobilize Latinos and other immigrants” through a “super PAC” called Immigrant Voters Win PAC.

Gillespie is running against Democrat Ralph Northam in a tight race to replace Terry McAuliffe as governor, according to polls.


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